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Nutritional adviser          
Boxing Coach
Parkinson's Disease Specialist

    Nutrition and Fitness Coach



Frederic Riboldi

Personal Trainer

I hold an Active IQ level 2 and 3 in fitness instruction and personal training. I have studied nutrition out of passion. I continuously  update my knowledge  following  the  latest research and take great commitment to insure my clients receive the support that best meet their needs . In the past two years for example I have developed an expertise in Parkinson's disease to help some of my clients  achieve beyond what anyone could expect and contribute to give them a better life. 

 You can get better, it is up to you. We have one life and we live with the consequences  of our choices. You ought to make the right choices for your health, for your life. I have the knowledge and the method to help you. My training program can take place in your home, in the gym, or outdoors. Wherever most suites  your requirements.  As well as providing adapted and effective workouts with a personal training service, my approach also places a lot of importance on your nutrition. This is where the real battle takes place. You can't out-exercise a bad diet. Every one has different goals, weight lost, muscle gain or fighting an illness , but you cannot get the results that you want without the right nutrition. I will give you the guidance and support that you need. Whatever your goals, whatever your need, with careful planning, and dedication we will get the results that you want. Together we can make you fit and healthy, believe it and lets do it.