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PT Cheltenham - AlterG training. PT Cheltenham

A revolution in sports performance and injury recovery, the "Alter-G” Anti-Gravity treadmill with technology developed by NASA. The Alter-G  is an antigravity treadmill that can unweight your body up to 80% in 1% increments. It  allows you to: recover from sports injury, back pain, orthopaedic surgery, train for injury prevention, dramatic weight loss and sports performance. The AlterG system helps clients achieve maximum cardio exercise with zero impact, making it ideal for people with injuries or other issues that keep them from using traditional treadmills. It helps us get post-op patients walking and functioning sooner, helps MS and Parkinson's patients exercise easier and speeds up the rehabilitation process for athletes recovering from injuries. 
 We have the only Alter-G treadmill in Cheltenham.

Come in and try this revolutionary machine.