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Parkinson's Disease Specialist

    Nutrition and Fitness Coach



I have been researching and understanding Parkinson's disease for many years. From this I have developed an approach that has helped many of my clients fighting this disease and achieving incredible results. There is a way to fight PD and it is very effective. If you have Parkinson's or care for someone with PD contact me on 07740474040 or email me [email protected]

"Anyone lucky enough to have Frederic Riboldi as coach is fortunate indeed. His level of focus and dedication to his clients with Parkinson's disease is unmatched. He never ceases researching and expanding his understanding of nutrition and physical activity. He knows well their contribution to the fitness and health of people with Parkinson's disease. One could not find a better member of their Parkinson healthcare team." - Dr Kathrynne Holden, M.S., R.D. (ret) Author, Speaker, registered Parkinson's dietitian