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    Nutrition and Fitness Coach



Free 30 minutes consultation

This can take place in your home or at the gym. It includes a free initial consultation and a fitness assessment. This will allow me to  gather valuable information to know your level of fitness and your requirements.

Service charge

Train with a friend : £20 per hour each

One to one : £35 per/ hour

Typical Session

With my approach there is no such thing as a typical session. . Your sessions will be designed specifically to meet your needs and get you the results that you want.  We all have different requirements. If you suffer from a neurological disease we will plan together to give you the best nutrition to fire up your neurotransmitters with adapted exercise to help you regain your health for example. If in another hand, your goal is to lose 50 lb. of fat and getting off the sofa, then perhaps an hour session could be 30mn. in the kitchen, helping you improve your diet and another 30 mn. power walking in the park, to get you motivated. Results are all that matter and my approach will always be up to date with the latest researches in sport and nutrition.


I understand by nutrition everything that goes through your mouth and nourish your body. Anything, drink , food or even smoking is part of it. Having an healthy  and calorie balanced nutrition is the most important thing you can do for your health. Whatever your goals, be it muscle gain, weight lost, or generally improving your health, your nutrition is number 1.   Making the right nutritional changes can be sometimes challenging for some people.  I can provide all the help, advise and support that you need. Please contact me for further details.

Fitness workout

Using the most beneficial gym and home equipment, my service can be delivered at your home, in the gym or outdoors. Your workout plan will be designed for you to achieve your goals.  All components of fitness are considered, strenght, power, speed, endurance, flexibility, balance, co-ordination , agility and skill. The most effective workouts are planned around intensity, compound movements, functional  movements and interval training. However safety will always be my first concern and your workout will always be adapted to your level of fitness. As well as the physical development your mental preparation is of first importance. I understand that starting to exercise can be daunting. I will support you and your training will be gradual to not only get better but to also enjoy the process.   Motivational support, helping you to be focused, giving you practical advises are also an integral part of my approach. I am keeping up to date with the latest researches  to design your workouts  and for my clients to reap  the maximum benefits. You won't be doing worthless exercises with low results. If you are disciplined , if you follow your program, you will see the results that you want. I promise.