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"I've been training with Frederic for about 6 months. He's completely changed my way of life. I started with Frederic with fibromyalgia high blood pressure and an eating disorder. Living on pills for pain that I was in all day Long. I was also classed as morbidly obese. With exercise and nutrition advice from Frederic I feel great now. I'm off all the pills, I sleep at night I've got a life now. I train with Frederic every week, I love it. He makes training fun and interesting. He gives me help and tips with nutrition and is passionate about his work which I love about him.
I'm now classed as overweight I've gone from a size 22 to a 14, I feel great. I have a passion now for good food and am not addicted to unhealthy food anymore and I can run and exercise and enjoy it. Thank you so much Frederic. 
Wendy "
"After 25 years with Parkinson’s the most remarkable turning point came in 2015 when I made contact with David Spry through Facebook and read about his glowing experiences with the Alter G Anti Gravity Treadmill and his Personal Trainer Frederic Riboldi. I have been with Frederic since September 2015 and since then I have become a new person. I had not run for 20 years and by the following February I was running at the maximum speed of the Treadmill!  I also do Boxing and basic Martial Arts training with Frederic. When I first started he had to hold me up as I kept falling over when I threw a punch. Now I can throw a punch and kick combo with no fear of falling over! . Frederic's approach to my condition of having had Parkinson's Disease for some 20 years is one of empathy and understanding. He gives much thought to construct a program to suit my needs and he is instrumental in helping me to reach goals that I thought were unattainable. I am blessed to have met this amazing man “  - Tony Leather (70 years old)
"I have Parkinson's Disease. Training with Frederic has been a complete 'game changer ' for me. Frederic has made a real and genuine effort to understand my disease and it's problems, and as a result is making a huge difference to my life. PD causes stiffness, ridgidity, pain and depression. All of these are 80% reduced or gone altogether. The AlterG treadmill is amazing, and the boxing training is designed specifically to meet my needs. 10/10 recommended. P.s. He's good company too. " Mr D. Spry

"I have known Frederic Riboldi only online, but have been consistently impressed with his focused and individualized wellness planning for his clients. A U.S. Registered Dietitian (retired) who has focused on Parkinson’s disease for twenty years, I can attest to the importance both of exercise and nutrition for people with PD, in maintaining good health. With PD, medicines are necessary and important; but no amount of medication will benefit a malnourished person. No PD medication can prevent falls due to lost muscle mass, or fractures due to bone loss from lack of weight-bearing exercise. Frederic combines both of these essential therapies to provide a well-rounded fitness plan."

Kathrynne Holden MS,RD

" Exercise is really beneficial if you have PD, but knowing what exercise to do with a wonky leg and wonky arm is difficult. Frederic is very knowledgeable about PD and quickly spots what areas need working on, so training with Frederic is tailored to your own individual needs. It could be working with a medicine ball to get your arms moving or boxing for balance or running on the Alter G treadmill, which is fantastic. The training is varied and fun - and it is so beneficial. The stiffness in my arm is much reduced and the intensity of training is always spot on, so you finish feeling you have had a good training session, but haven't over done it. Frederic makes training so much fun and it feels good to be doing something positive. "
Jane Stevens